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Unbeatably cheap prices for Majestic umpire polos and Teamwork umpire polos. These umpire jerseys are specifically made for officials of the game.  They are comfortable and regulation umpire shirts.  Your umps will appreciate their style and cut.  We have umpire caps and officials caps to match the umpire jerseys. The Majestic Umpire jersey pairs perfectly with the Majestic umpire shorts and the OC umpire cap. The Teamwork umpire shirt matches the Teamwork umpire cap.  We also feature Teamworks football officials shirt, which is a striped umpire jersey for use on the field.  This is in contrast to baseball umpire shirts, which are solid black or navy.  Finally, the basketball officials shirt is also a striped shirt, to be worn on the basketball court.  The Teamwork basketball officials jersey is made of a cooling poly fabric, just like the Teamwork football officials jersey.  Majestic umpire shirts have even more innovative features, such as an "air belt" which is a section of fabric at the belt line that is cooler and helps the umpire polo stay tucked in during the motions of calling the game.    umpire jersey polo shirt 

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